LTRVD0387 RV Storage Tips

RV Storage Tips

RV Storage tips are the main subject of this podcast. Since we are in Autumn going into winter, we also discuss winter camping. Check out our web page on this at

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Industry News

There is a new quality initiative by Jayco to put American made Goodyear tires on all of their RV’s. That’s good news and we hope other manufacturers follow suit. We also talk about the new “Aire” series of 5th wheel trailers by DRV that all can be towed by trucks with single rear wheels. That fills a need long overlooked. Anyone attending our Gathering rally and staying for 30 days can get a good deal on golf cart rentals by calling Razor Carts at 815-378-9888.

Batteries and propane system storage tips

John tells you what should be done with your RV batteries during storage periods whether you remove them or leave them in the RV. We discuss how to keep your propane regulator from becoming invaded by insects.

Water system storage tips

Next up is all about how to secure all your fresh water components for long-term winter storage. We discuss low point drains, water heater draining, winterizing kits, and RV specific antifreeze. We also talk about securing tour holding tanks for winter storage.

Engine and Fuel System tips

John discuses winterizing the fuel tank and fuel system on motorized RVs. This goes hand in hand with how to do engine maintenance prior to storage.

refrigerator storage tips

Kathy talks about what to do with food storage areas and refrigerator. She also discusses interior insulation and methods to prevent insect and rodent infestation. These RV Storage Tips should help you to prepare your rig for its winter sleep.

LTRVD0386 RV Lifestyle Budget

RV Lifestyle Budget

You need to know about the RV Lifestyle Budget. How much will it cost per month or per year to enjoy the RV lifestyle? Some folks swear they can’t do it for less than $500 per month. Others who boondock exclusively say they can do it for less than $100 per month. Somewhere in between is where most of us will be.

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Fixed Costs

The fixed costs are those expenses that happen on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis that are pretty much the same all the time. These expenses include the RV, towed car, and/or towing vehicle if they are financed; vehicle insurance; extended warranty and towing insurance; vehicle registration; health insurance if you are less than 65 years ols and on Medicare; communications costs such as cellular telephone and data plans; satellite television if you have it; mail forwarding service charges and postage; and RV club and Camping Club dues. This is just a basic list and you may have other fixed regular expenses.

Variable or Controllable Costs

Variable costs of the RV lifestyle budget are those things that you have some way to reduce costs. These variable costs include fuel that is either gasoline, diesel, and/or propane; campground fees; laundry costs if you do not have a washer and dryer in your rig; banking fees such as ATM charges; and entertainment expenses are the main ones that come to mind, although you will probably have others.

The Formula for Success

These are some examples of some of the expenses you will have to track to get a handle on your costs to enjoy this wonderful lifestyle. Obviously, you must have one or more income streams to balance the expenses. Once you have identified all your expenses, add them up and subtract them from your total income. If you come up with a positive number, you are all set and can even put some money in the bank! If you come up with a negative number, you will need to look very closely at the variable expenses to see where you can trim. You may also need to do some workamping to make the ends meet. This podcast should give you plenty of food for thought about the RV lifestyle budget. Check out our web page on RV budgeting at

LTRVD0385 RV Weather Safety

RV Weather Safety

RV Weather Safety is the focus of this show. We will discuss many aspects of weather safety as it applies to RV’s and RVers. This is an important subject and the information presented here can save your life.

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RV Inspection Connection

During the mail segment, we discussed where to get information on RV inspection, and we recommend the RV Inspection Connection as what we think is the very best place to go. We are an affiliate, so please mention Living the RV Dream when you call them.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

We discuss the physical makeup of these types of storms and where the potential danger spots are. Storm surge is a major consideration, and we talk about as well. Kathy and I mention how to get prepared for heavy weather and location the local storm shelter(s). Staying in your RV can be a very deadly decision and should not be taken lightly.

Storm Surge

Storm Surge can be the most dangerous part of a hurricane or Tropical Storm. Low lying areas can be flooded quickly and bring debris and snakes among other things.

RV Weather Safety


Tornados can be spawned from hurricanes and tropical storms. They can have very powerful winds and warning is only a matter of minutes. Keeping up to date with a weather radio is the key to your safety.

Weather Radios

Our weather radio is our first line of defense against hurricanes, tropical storms, and other heavy weather. We have 2. One is a hand-held portable. The other is an AC powered and battery backed radio dedicated to the 7 NOAA radio weather channels. It is equipped with SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology that allows the radio to receive only localized warnings. This feature must be programmed with SAME numbers from either the NOAA phone number 1-888-697-7263, or on-line at

The “Go Bag”

Our Go Bag is up front in our RV very near the door. It contains all the essentials we will need after evacuating to a shelter after an emergency. We discuss all the items that should be in your “Go Bag”.

LTRVD0384 RV Slide Room Maintenance

Bad Power Pedestal

RV Slide Room Maintenance is the focus this edition. First off though, is a lot of mail. One very interesting email discussed a problem with a park electrical pedestal. This is an all too common problem, especially in older campgrounds with aluminum wiring.

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RV Shows

Kathy read a list of upcoming RV Shows. We also discuss our pamphlet “How to Survive an RV Show, and Have a Great Time Doing it” It is available on Check it out, it could save you a lot of steps and time as well as a lot of money.

RV Slide Room Maintenance

RV Slide Rooms are designed to be “More High Tech that High Maintenance”, but the RV Slide Room Maintenance requirements that are there are very important. Lubrication is key as is using the proper lubricants. Seals both inside and outside must be inspected periodically and also need treatment to remain soft and pliable. We discuss methods of manual override to close slide rooms when there is no power present. RVers are cautioned NOT to adjust slide rooms and to use trained RV Technicians to do this type of work. We also talk about the preventive maintenance to be done on your slide rooms.
Slide rooms seem to have quite a few failures as evidenced by many Facebook comments and complaints. I try to emphasize that adequate 12-volt power to the slide room is the main failure mode that prevents proper slide room movement.

LTRVD0383 RVing NH to FL

RVing NH to FL

We’re RVing NH to FL on our way back from the Escapees Escapade in Essex Junction, VT. We cover our route and some of the issues we were faced with on our way home.

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GPS Lies

We had one of those “GPS lies” moments in NH on US Rt 4 where we were supposed to detour but no road was selected. That put us on a one way trip up a 15 degree grade the wrong way. It was exciting to say the least.

Military FamCamps

We describe the Military FamCamps we stayed at in Georgia at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, and at the Aberdeen, MD Army Proving Ground. We also discuss some of the campgrounds we stopped at along the way.